Adinkra fabric with the Embroiderers' Guild

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Last weekend was our monthly Embroiderers' Guild meeting. I love these sessions as they are proper me time when I can learn and be inspired without having to do any organising or thinking!
Our topic was Adinkra fabric and stamping and we also had a workshop in the morning.
Magie Relph was our guest and she came along to show us how to make our own stamped fabric using traditional stamps from Ghana.
Here are my attempts ...

In the afternoon she then took us on an imaginary tour of several African countries and told us all about their textiles.
I was amazed by the size of the clothes the men wear during ceremonies - the weight of them would probably crush me!
This is one of my favourite fabrics she showed us - a more modern version of traditional Adinkra stamping.

Magie also has lots of lovely fabrics to buy. I purchased these ...


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