Cross stitching

Thursday, 10 May 2012

I have rediscovered an old love recently - cross stitching.

Cross stitch was what first really got me into crafting a few years ago. In fact, a couple of these pieces were done in those early days - chrysanthemum, wisteria and tiger lily.

There are 12 flowers in the series, each with an Oriental feel.

I now have them all but I have only recently begun to work on them again.

I have another two finished, camellia and lotus blossom ...

And magnolia just needs a few more gold outlines and it will be finished too.

It is also only recently that I have decided what to do with them all once finished - they will become a wall hanging. Or probably, three or four wall hangings.


Anne-Mettes Oaser Sunday, 13 May, 2012  

Your cross Stitched flowers are lovely. They will make wonderfull hangings :-).
Have a great sunday
PS: Your Inchie Flowers will soon start traveling from here.

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