Do different things: an owl embroidery

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Something I really must do more often is experiment and play with my sewing.
Most of the time, whether I'm doing cross stich or patchwork, I work from a kit or a pattern. I often make changes or do things differently along the way, or I make up the finished piece in my own way, but I feel the need to truly do my own thing sometimes.
I feel it a lot after our monthyl Embroiderers' Guild meetings. There we have such an amazing group of women who take inspiration and guidance from things they see all around them and incorporate them into their work.

Well, I'm not quite at that stage given that my technical abilities leave much to be desired, but I am trying to "do different things".

This little owl is one of them. It's not exactly cutting-edge, but it is nice to play around with some different techniques - a bit of applique, honing my blanket stitch, testing out some ribbon flowers.

The only other thing I have to contend with is not spending hours looking at inspiration on the internet and actually getting down to some stitching!


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