Dorset buttons

Thursday, 7 June 2012

This week was the monthly free craft session at the Art Library in Leeds. Each time is a different project or technique, usually taught by one of the attendees.

For June, the crafts were Suffolk puffs and Dorset buttons. Having been a WI Member for nearly three years I have made more Suffolk puffs than I've had hot dinners (or so it seems) but I've never made a Dorset button, so I gave that a go.

It's quite simple really - you take a curtain ring or similar circle, doesn't matter whether it's wood, metal, plastic, and do a blanket stitch all the way around the edge.

You then create spokes across the circle and weave in and out like a spider web.

Here are my efforts.

The little one is a glittery thread and is simply awesome. The big one is a lovely soft tapestry wool. I left that one open as the spokes look really cool. You can use all sorts of thread, wool or even ribbon, add beads, weave in different ways etc to make lots of different effects.

Did someone say: "But you don't have enough time for ANOTHER hobby"?!


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