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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

On Monday I spent a few hours with my SU mummy Julie playing with fabric and making some projects for her all-day training event in a couple of weeks.

I'll hold off showing you most of the things I made so as not to spoil the suprise for my fellow demos attending, but here are two mini cushions I rustled up.

This is SU faric but unfortunately not a pattern available over here (its good to have friends overseas!).

The hexagon flowers are so pretty and easy to make. I used a technique called English paper piecing. Basically, you cut out small hexagons of paper (takeaway menus are the ideal weight!) and then tack a slightly larger hexagon fabric over them. Then stitch all the hexagons together into a flower (or any shape you want) and remove the tacking stitches and take the paper out. Not as fiddly as it sounds, but it's hard to describe!

I machine stitched them on to the plain fabric I had (don't ask me what it is or where it came from!) then made that into the front of the cushion covers, with an envelope-style back.

And here they are in situ on my blanket box. I even made proper tiny cushion fillers by chopping up a big cushion pad.

On to the next project ...


veronica Wednesday, 28 September, 2011  

nice cushions gemma, but don't you mean slightly bigger fabric hexagons to tack to the paper ones?

Gemma Thursday, 29 September, 2011  

Exactly! I'm glad someone knows what I'm tryin to say!

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