Rejected patchwork blocks

Monday, 23 April 2012

With any new technique there is a learning curve and things always go wrong along the way.

For me with the patchwork course at the WI office, the main difficulty seems to be with choosing colours.

I decided to use pinks and purples and collated a decent pile of fabrics in different shades of these two colours. But when it comes to choosing ones to go together and work with the other blocks I don't always get it right.

So here are some rejects that are now being relegated to another project. I like them in themselves, but they don't work in unison. Ideas for what to do with them are very welcome!

I love this Log Cabin pattern, but those two dark purples just don't sit right.

Within this Corner to Corner Curve block I think the colours are great, but they do not go with the other blocks for my quillow. Also, this block was too fiddly for my liking so I don't think I'll ever take to it!

And the effect of the Courthouse Steps block is lost as I used different fabrics for the steps.
So, I have learned to take more care when choosing fabrics that work together and also given myself extra projects!


MrsC.x Tuesday, 24 April, 2012  

why not change each one into a throw pillow?? that way they're still earning their keep by being useful :)

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