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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Hello! Just a quickie to prove that I am still alive!

I've been working on all sorts of different bits and pieces recently, mostly little things to keep me occupied of an evening without too much thought or stress!

The patchwork bug has well and truly bitten me so I have been playing about with shapes and different fabrics.

Here are three bags for life that I decorated.

The hexagon flower is my favourite. The fabric was a bargain from Samuel Taylors in Leeds.

I had a few issues making the diamond one and it's not exactly perfect, but with the button and a few beads I think I pulled it off!

And the hexagon border one is pretty successful too I think.

These will be on sale at our next Buns & Roses craft stalls - we have two coming up and have sold quite a lot of goodies on the market stall so we're trying to restock!

I am also working on a quilt. A bit ambitious but I am using a Japanese folded patchwork technique and each piece is finished and quilted as you make it then stitched together at the end, so it's not too bad.

Other works in progress include something for my dad and step-mum for their new house and to celebrate their wedding and pieces for my embroidery certificate.


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