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Sunday, 14 August 2011

Just becoming even more rubbish at updating my blog! Yikes!

It's been over a week, so what has been happening?

Well, I have been doing a lot of work for starters! It's now more than a year since I became self-employed and *touch-wood, fingers-crossed etc* all is well.

I have also been busy with the WI, as ever. Buns & Roses needed a new venue, so I'm pleased to say we found a fab new home, and I have put together my first issue of the West Yorkshire News monthly newsletter as Editor.

There has been crafting time too, and even a day trip to York! Myself, Hayley and Helen had a day out to visit the Quilt Museum and York Minster, both of which were amazing and full of inspiration.

I even had a go at a little bit of quilting myself. I got into my head an idea to do a series of pieces, entitled "I'm OK". It came from an exhibiton I saw a long time ago, where the artist had written home to friends and family during his travels, simply saying "I am still alive". My goal is to do these little bits regularly, in whatever craft form I feel inspired by at the time, as a reminder to myself that I'm OK.

So this is the first, using some fabrics I bought at the Quilt Museum. It's a rather rough-and-ready attempt at quilting (I did it all by hand, in bed, while watching nature programmes on iPlayer!).

Oh, I have also bought myself a Filofax, as my little WI diary just did not have enough room for everything that's going on!


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