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Saturday, 12 November 2011

And more fabric projects!

Today's items use the Flirtatious Stampin' Up! fabric, which has three patterns - two in pinks and one in purple. Yum!

First up, a Suffolk puff brooch - possibly the quickest and easiest stitching project in the world!

Made from just a circle of fabric with a running stitch all around they edge, you can literally make these in 15 minutes.

They have loads of other uses as well as brooches - stick them on headbands, hair clips, or anything at all!

Also, some sort of zipped case. It's completely the wrong size for a pencil case (I didn't bother to measure or plan - I just stitched away!) but would be quite useful for makeup.

On one side is a hexagon patchwork flower.

And the other has a patchwork triangle pattern.

I may go a little quiet for a while now as I'm about to start working on Christmas presents, but I'll try to update on other things!


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