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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

I am still busy crafting, promise!

Most of the things I can't show you as they are Christmas presents, and you never know who's reading!

Last weekend was the Knitting & Stitching Show, and I was there for three, yes THREE days. Once to help out on the WI stand and twice for some shopping and workshops with my mum.

Am delighted to say that I did not break the bank. Most of what I bought was Christmas presents for others and I chose some for mum to send on to Santa to bring to me. As long as I stay good for another few weeks!

One of the things I did buy myself (of which there were only two and one was paid for with my pocket money from my nan) was a Japanese quilting kit.

I fell in love with it and was going to save it as a project to do over Christmas, but I got restless last night so out came my machine!

All the fabrics were pre-cut, except for the moon which I had to cut and turn, so it only took me about an hour to put this together.

I just need to finish it off now with a bit of sashiko - Japanese hand quilting.

Then it will become ... something. Probably a wall hanging. Unless anyone has other suggestions?


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