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Friday, 20 January 2012

Having spent all of Christmas working on my quilt I had to put it away for a while and do something different. I was getting hexagon blindness!

I've been drooling over several quilt patterns and new fabrics recently and have in mind a "proper" quilt to make, but first I really should finish the Japanese hexagon one.

So, last night at our Buns & Roses WI meeting I took my quilt along to get going on it again.

I now have nine and a half rows sewn together and it's looking pretty good.

It's getting pretty big so it keeps me warm as I sit and stitch.

I was delighted to be able to share my project with the WI ladies too. I received so many compliments on it and everyone wanted to know how (and why) I was doing it.

I do have a slight conundrum though - the edges.

When I started I thought I would leave it pointy as there are no raw edges and all the shapes are finished as they go. But now I'm not so sure - it feels like it needs something to finish it.

Any thoughts? I might keep the pointy edge but go round it with some binding. I could just straighten it off, or add a border, but the latter would be extra work and it's already taking rather a long time!

All input is welcome!


Anonymous,  Monday, 23 January, 2012  

It is so lovely but you must have the patience of a saint as well. I'd edge the bottom and the top in black edging with half hexagons where needed to make those edges straight. I think it would look okay if you left the sides un-edged.

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