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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Well this evening I have been very busy and made some bits that I am incredibly pleased with. And I'm still in bed before 10pm! Win!

I bought these tins from Wilkinsons. Inside were 15 little cards and envelopes (which are now heading for the recyling bin, of course!).
Instead, I made my own selection of cards as well as a calendar mini-journal for making note of important dates and anniversaries. So there's no excuse to forget or fail to send a card - it's all written down and the cards are ready and waiting!
I will post pics of the innards over the next few days.
The top tin I am keeping and the second one is one of my items for the Craft Swaparama in Leeds this Sunday. I hope the recipient likes it!
They're my new favourite thing and I'm going back to Wilko's tomorrow to buy as many as I can so everyone will be getting them as presents!


Vicky Hayes Saturday, 11 December, 2010  

These tins are gorgeous! I've spotted the gorgeous Music Notes wheel again - I have visions of you carrying it about in your handbag and whipping it out at opportune moments!

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