Some Christmas presents

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

This afternoon I will *hopefully* be getting the train back to Chester to spend Christmas with my wonderful family. Fingers crossed everything goes to plan! So far the trains are OK, but you never know! Bodd will be packed up in his basket, but unfortunately won't be coming back with me - he's going back to the farm as I'm moving in with my friend Tessa in January. I will miss him loads, and I'm sure he won't be happy about being outside in all the snow, but he will have his family there and I can visit when I go home.
Anywho, today'spics are two of the Christmas presents I have made this year. The bookmark is for my grandma and the cushion is for mum. Took me many hours to cross stitch them, and my good friend Hayley helped me construct the cushion! I made lots of other things as well, but forgot to take pictures before I wrapped them up.
Well I'm all packed and the house is tidy so not tokill a few hours before I head off!


Vicky Hayes Wednesday, 22 December, 2010  

Oh Gem, you must be so sad to have to leave your lovely Bodd at home. I hope you have a good Christmas and that all goes well with your move. I'm sure your mum and grandma will be delighted with your gorgeous gifts - they are stunning. Take care, Vx

KatGotTheCream Monday, 03 January, 2011  

I love the cushion Gemma - it's gorgeous. Let me know how you made it sometime!! kathryn x

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