Buns & Roses WI quilt

Thursday, 20 January 2011

We are making a members quilt at Buns & Roses WI and as a member of the craft sub-committee I had to be among the first to complete my section.

Each member is asked to create a 20cmx20cm square that represents them. They can use any medium and let their creativity run wild!

So, here is mine. I have featured lots of little things that represent me; a motorbike, Bodd, a cherry blossom, sewing, Formula 1, The Chain by Fleetwood Mac, stamping and writing.

Here's the F1 car and bass line from The Chain!

This is Bodd with his odd whiskers! He was appliqued using some felt that Hayley made.

Stampin' Up! goodies!

And the motorbike and scroll and quill.

We're having a show and tell at tonight's meeting so hopefully others will be inspired to start their squares!


Vicky Hayes Friday, 21 January, 2011  

I'm speechless! You are amazing and talented! At the meeting tonight you may have to pick people's jaws up off the ground. And I love the diverse things that represent you!

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