Clear mount SU stamps

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

So, here's the lowdown on the new Stampin' Up! Clear Mount stamps.
Many sets in the new catalogue come in this option now, as well as the traditional maple wood blocks.
The clear mount ones are made of the same great rubber and foam so the images are superb quality still. These sets are generally a few quid cheaper than the wood mounts and they all come in DVD storage cases so you save money and space.
Rather than having the stamps permanently stuck on to a wooden block they stay loose, so you then attach them to one of the lovely SU Acrylic Blocks when you want to use them. The blocks come in all sorts of sizes so you can arrange more than one on the same block and build up an image without having to keep changing stamps. And as you can see exactly where the image is going it's easier to get everything lined up correctly.
This is how they look. You stick the sticker directly on to the back of the stamp, instead of sticking one to the back of the wooden block.

And here is a little pouch I made for keeping my one block in.

It was really easy to do with just a couple of pieces of felt and some ribbon. I stitched my initial on but you could monogram the letter of the block (each size is given a corresponding letter) so you know which one is in each bag.
Hope that all makes sense!


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