Learning to draw with The WI

Friday, 13 May 2011

Last night was our monthly workshop at Buns & Roses and we were learning how to draw.

We had a lovely illustrator called Steve Beaumont come to teach us and he was very good.

By starting off with shapes we all managed to draw a pretty realistic lady!

Here's my effort! Have to admit I'm not that keen on it. I liked it better before I did the face and hair!

Anyway, it was fun and I will definitely be a bit more confident giving drawing a go in future.

We have just started a Buns & Roses blog so please come and see us there for more pics and stories!

I also went to see the Asda WI yesterday - they are called the Trolly Dollies! And also had a quick visit to Leeds Kirkgate Market to organise selling some of my goodies there!

So it was a very busy and exciting day.


corsets, crafts and cupcakes Saturday, 14 May, 2011  

i love your pic - she looks realistic, mine looked so crap i was trying to 'lose' my drawing lol!
had lots of fun though!

ooh exciting about selling at the market!!!!! hope it all works out great for you :)

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