Denman College - Day 4

Thursday, 7 April 2011

First of all, I would like to say a big hello to the lovely ladies in the goldwork class and our wonderful tutor Hazel. I hope at least some of you are reading this (if only to check that I haven't said anything bad about you!).

Today was the last full day at Denman College and I will be very sad to leave tomorrow. It has been an amazing week. I have learnt a lot and had loads of laughs with my new friends. It really is a proper treat to be able to get away for a few days and dedicate some time solely to being crafty and having fun.

I have got a lot done today in between the giggles. Here are a few pics ...

Everyone working hard! It was a warm and sunny day again which made working in the Ferris Theatre such a pleasure.

Here I am concentrating!

This made us giggle like naughty schoolgirls! Hazel was showing us how to do scales for on a dragon, but when she had just done two it looked like boobies! Hehehe.

And this is what my piece now looks like. Not much left to do! I have achieved so much more than I thought I would. Can't wait to finish it off and get it framed!

Oh, also today the snapper from WI Life came to take my photo, and Margaret showed us the DVD of a sky dive she did aged 81 to raise money for the conservation project in Antarctica!

Final sleep in this lovely comfy bed in the toasty Westmorland room, then back to Leeds tomorrow.


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