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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Well it may only have been a couple of days but a lot has happened since my last update!

Thursday evening was the second birthday party for Buns & Roses WI. As well as having our usual drinks and chats, I was delighted to be made Vice President of the group. Hurrah! I'm so excited and can't wait to be helping out the committee and doing even more with The WI! Hurrah some more!

Then yesterday I had a day at the seaside with Helen, Hayley and her hubby Flower.

We had to do a detour on the way up to Whitby as traffic on the A64 was going nowhere fast, but the scenic route was much nicer anyway.

But we got there, only to find that Dracula was out to play and the mist was so bad you could only see a few metres ahead! Stood on one side of the bridge you couldn't see the other! I was a bit disappointed as not only did this mean it was cold and I couldn't get a tan, but also that I couldn't see the church and abbey.

Anyway, it was still great fun, and we had a good wander, played the arcade games, ate fish and chips and did a bit of shopping.

I bought this old watch face with the intention of making it into a piece of jewellery. One day!

here are my wins from the 2p machines!

We decided we would go for a quick run to Scarborough as well, and we got there about tea time, just in time for a walk along the beach and a paddle in the sea, and some more arcade games and one of those simulator things.

There was still a bit of mist over the cliff.

Here's what I won on Scarborough's 2p machines!

So that was Thursday evening and Friday!

Today I'm going to nip into town for some craft supplies as I have a few bits for a Christening that I've been commissioned to do. I'll work on them in the back garden this afternoon I think!

Hope everyone enjoys their long Easter weekend.


TAM Saturday, 23 April, 2011  

Sounds like you had a brilliant day - I'm another who just loves those 2p machines. LOL
Congratulations on being voted in as Vice President, look forward to hearing what you have planned for the WI.
Enjoy your afternoon crafting and have a good Easter

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